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A data managing software to create characters for the popular game Mafia


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MafiaManager is an Android app and an accompanying web application for creating, managing, and playing roleplaying games that follow the ruleset of the popular game Mafia.


MafiaManager provides the definition of an XML datastructure in which characters, items and events for the popular roleplaying game Mafia can be defined. This provides a unified XML standard for sharing Mafia decks among computers. A complete documentation of the standard is provided here:

The gamesets provided in this Github repository do not include images of the gaming cards due to copyright reasons. I recommend the community to provide me with free to use images that I can include and/or encourage people who have bought official games to rely on those instead.

MafiaManager App

An Android app allows the loading of specified Mafia decks and provides and aid for the gamemaster to guide through the Mafia game. The app has originally been written for Android Version 4 in compatibility mode to Android 2 and 3 and has received no updates since. I would highly appreciate if someone would update the app and its code.

MafiaManager Web Application

A character deck displaying and manipulation software is provided as a web application.