Curriculum Vitae

Timo Homburg

Computer Scientist into Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning, GIS and Semantic Web Applications.

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Apr 2015 -
Jul 2019
PhD, Computer Science (expected); University Koblenz-Landau (Koblenz, Germany)

Phd Thesis in Semantic Quality Assement and Quality Prediction of OpenStreetMap areas.

Jul 2013 -
Aug 2013
Summer School: Doing Business in Africa; Polytechnic Of Namibia (Windhoek, Namibia) (Grade: B)

Summer School in the Business Department of the Polytechnic of Namibia on South African history and economics.

Mar 2012 -
Mar 2015
M.Sc., Computer Science; Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) (Grade: 1,0 (A))

Minor: Chinese Studies Thesis title: Verfahren zur Wortsegmentierung nichtalphabetischer Schriften

Jul 2010 -
Aug 2010
Summer School: China Cultural Exchange; Shanghai International Studies University (Shanghai, China)

Summer School in the language department for cultural exchange and language study.

Oct 2008 -
Feb 2012
B.Sc., Computer Science; RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (Wiesbaden, Germany) (Grade: 1,4 (A))

Thesis title: Entwicklung einer Androidanwendung zur Zustandsanzeige von Messstationen des Deutschen Wetterdienstes

Teaching Experience

Oct 2019 -
Feb 2020
Lecturer Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Mainz/Germany Industry: Research

Teaching experience as lecturer in the courses “Applicationbased Software Engineering in VB.NET”

Oct 2018 -
Feb 2019
Lecturer Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Mainz/Germany Industry: Research

Teaching experience as lecturer in the courses “Applicationbased Software Engineering in VB.NET”

Oct 2017 -
Jul 2019
Lecturer RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden/Germany Industry: Research

Teaching experience as lecturer in the courses “Introduction to Computer Science”, “Algorithms and Data Structures”

Working Experience

Oct 2017 -
Dez 2019
Systemadministrator Mainz University Of Applied Sciences, Mainz/Germany Industry: Research

System Administrator of the research group i3Mainz

Apr 2015 -
Dez 2019
Researcher Mainz University Of Applied Sciences, Mainz/Germany Industry: Research Taking part in the SemGIS project

Researching in GIS data quality and the geospatial Semantic Web

May 2013 -
Mar 2015
Assistant Scientist Research group Wirtschaftsinformatik/Goethe University,Frankfurt am Main/Germany Industry: Research *Taking part in the EVER project * Detailed achievements:
  • Implementing algorithms needed by the project
  • Getting more detailed practical knowledge of Information Retrieval methods
Nov 2011 -
Feb 2012
Student Employee MeteoSolutions GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany Industry: Software Engineering

Development of an Android application to display status data for measuring monitors for weather stations as a part of my Bachelor Thesis

Mar 2011 -
Aug 2011
Trainee Sirona Dental Systems Foshan Co. Ltd., 佛山 Foshan, China Industry: Medical Devices

Research of a solution to connect a Syteline Version 8 ERP System to an Oracle Agile PLM System, Taking part in the development of a Parts Tracking Database for the Research and Development department

Feb 2011 -
Feb 2011
Student Employee RheinMain University Of Applied Sciences, Laboratory of Software Engineering, Wiesbaden/Germany

Taking part in a feasibility study for the German weather forecast organisation (DWD)

Dec 2010 -
Feb 2011
Student Employee DOPSY Laboratory for Distributed Systems, Wiesbaden, Germany Industry: Research

Development of a content management system for the homepage of the laboratory

Oct 2010 -
Dec 2010
Student work Alfred Wegener Institute, Wiesbaden, Helgoland/Germany

Taking part in the development of a web application for fish noise categorisation in the context of my Database/Web Engineering specialisation

Jan 2010 -
Aug 2010
Student Employee DOPSY Laboratory for Distributed Systems, Wiesbaden, Germany Industry: Research

Development of a content management system for the homepage of the laboratory

Sep 2007 - May 2008
Alternative Service Main-Kinzig Hospital, Gelnhausen, Germany Industry: Management of Information Systems

IT Support and Administration tasks in a hospital

Human Languages

C2, Native Speaker
C1, 13 years
Mandarin Chinese
B2 (汉语水平考试 HSK Level 4 Standard Chinese language proficiency Test (2013)), Score: 186/300
B1, 5 years
A1, 0.5years

Technical Experience

Programming Languages

Proficient Knowledge:
Java 1.4-9
Python2 and Python3
Intermediate Knowledge:
C, C++, C#
Bash Script
Basic Knowledge:
MIPS Assembly/x86 Assembly
Markup Languages:


LaTeX, XeTeX, BibTeX
Query Languages:


SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
Technologies and Software:

Windows 95-10, Linux (CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu)

Windows Domain Administrator Tools (GPO, Active Directory, WSUS)
Microsoft Office 1998-2016, LibreOffice
Maven, Gradle
Software Development:




Sep 2023
GCH 2023 Best Paper Award
Nov 2020
ISWC Best Student Paper Award
Oct 2020
FIG Paper Of the Month
Apr 2017
WebIST Best Student Paper Award
Jul 2016
Valedictorian Award (Jahrgangsbester) Computer Science Master Of Science
Mar 2015
DARIAH-DE Digital Humanities Award 2015
Apr 2013
Nomination to take part in the Summer University of Namibia 2013
Jun 2012
Valedictorian Award (Jahrgangsbester) Computer Science Bachelor Of Science
Jan 2011
PROMOS-Scholarship for studying abroad

Peer Reviewing for Conferences and Journals

Nov 2019
Sep 2019
Dec 2018
Sep 2018
Dec 2017

Volunteer Work

Oct 2018
Data Provider and Workshop Leader at Coding Da Vinci Rhein Main 2018
Sep 2017
Election official at the Federal Election 2017 in Germany
Sep 2017
Science Market Mainz
Jun 2014
Night of Science Frankfurt
Since 2009
OpenStreetMap Contributor

Soft Skills

Dez 2017
Media is changing universities (Copyright in Teaching) (Hochschule Mainz Qualifizierungskolleg)
Nov 2017
Case Studies in Teaching (Hochschule Mainz Qualifizierungskolleg)
Nov 2016
Public Speaking in Academics (Atlantic Language Dublin) Erasmus Plus Staff Training Mobility
Mar 2013
Innovationmanagement (Soft Skills Uni Frankfurt)
Feb 2013
Careermanagement and Selfcoaching (Soft Skills Uni Frankfurt)
Dez 2012
Analysing compliance strategies of companies (Soft Skills Uni Frankfurt)
Sep 2012
Learning Strategies (Soft Skills Uni Frankfurt)
Aug 2012
Intercultural Competence (Soft Skills Uni Frankfurt)
Aug 2012
Communication Skills (Soft Skills Uni Frankfurt)
Aug 2012
Selfpresentation (Soft Skills Uni Frankfurt)
May 2012
Time Management Skills (Soft Skills Uni Frankfurt)
Nov 2007
How to convince others (VHS Gelnhausen)
Oct 2007
Rhetorical Skills Basic Course (VHS Gelnhausen)

Side Projects

AdventOfCode - Solutions to some of the Advent Of Code Challenges (Java)
SemanticDictionary - Creation of a Semantic Dictionary for Ancient Languages (RDF)
CuneiPainter - An app to paint cuneiform characters on your Android phone (Java)
2015 - 2018
tuxbot - Plugins for the Sopel chatbot (Python)
2014 - 2017
webime - Port of an input method engine in JavaScript to support Akkadian Cuneiform (JavaScript, HTML)
Mafia Manager - An xml dataformat to formalize the creation of characters for the popular game Mafia (XML)

Student projects:

POSTagger - POSTagger for Ancient (cuneiform) languages (Java)
KochplattformWeb - Inverse recipe search engine as a web application (Scala, Scalate)
J2Latex - Java to LaTeX Compiler (JavaCC)
Quiz - Quiz Game with three different question types (C++)
Timtris - Tetris Game with Dr. Mario mod (Java)
ConnectFour - ConnectFour game for the console (C)

Member of Organisations/Committees

Sep 2019 -
Sep 2020
Member of the Working Group of Architecture, Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy, Germany
Since Apr 2019
Participant in OGC Geosemantics DWG Special Interest Group


Driving Licenses

Aug 2006
European Motorbike Driving License, Class: A
Apr 2006
European Trailer Driving License, Class: BE
Nov 2005
European Car Driving License, Class: B
Travelling, Swimming, Biking

Contact Information

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